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Press Release

The Connell Company Unveils Plans For “The District” at The Park in Berkeley Heights, NJ

After receiving approval for the final site plan from the Berkeley Heights Planning Board in September, The Connell Company has announced plans to expand its ambitious reimagining of The Park…

Press Release

Connell Co. begins demolition of Building 300 at the Park in Berkeley Heights

The Connell Co. on Tuesday said demolition work has begun in Building 300 at the Park — a 185-acre luxury campus that brings a hospitality-centric solution to the traditional shopping, dining and…


Are Green Potatoes Safe To Eat? Or should they go to the garbage?

You know you have potatoes in the pantry, and you have the perfect recipe in mind for using them. That is, until you reach for the potatoes and notice that…


The Surprising Health Benefits of Tea

Health food fads are always changing—from the latest superfood to estrogen rich foods that promote hormone balance—but one thing that registered dieticians and nutritionists agree on is that the health benefits of tea are almost too many…


Can You Eat Wrinkled Potatoes?

By  Lauren David Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato leek soup, potato salad—as a side dish or a comforting main, potatoes fit neatly into nearly every meal of the day. But what…

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