Curated Spaces

“Design our world so that we have positive social and environmental side effects.”

Bjarke Ingels, Architect

A New Perspective

If there’s anything we’ve learned from our recent experiences, it’s that people need to be together – and not on Zoom – for both their emotional and intellectual well-beings. For many months, home was our new workplace, whether we liked it or not – and with the loss of an outside office option, we were deprived of choice. As a result, the lines between our home life and work life became blurred, and the work day bled into our evenings, with no definitive end.

Reimagining the Future

Now that we are on the other side of this experience, we truly value the benefit of human connection. We need to envision a new framework for work that considers people first and foremost, and good design and architecture will facilitate that. The Park has curated a team of architects, operators, designers, and staff to create its new reimagined campus, with one guiding principle: “Thoughtful design fosters creativity, productivity and innovation.”

the Lines

The Park’s approach to work is anchored by the philosophy that people are social by nature and crave interactive spaces that foster a work/life balance. At a time when traditional office place design, furniture, services, and spaces are no longer able to support today’s workspace needs, a new perspective is necessary. The Park delivers spaces and services that enrich the daily workday experience and blur the lines between office and residential, amenity areas and workspaces, indoor and outdoor experiences, and wellness and culinary offerings.

A Visionary Collaboration

To achieve this new dynamic, the developers of The Park have appointed DMS – a specialty design firm led by David Sullivan – as the lead campus designer. Together with a mix of leading architecture firms, DMS is curating a boutique hospitality approach to the entire Park campus that includes design, finishes, furniture, flexible space, dining areas, communal spaces, and amenities. To further differentiate The Park, the campus spaces have been curated with custom furniture from the new RT Collective by DMS line – including signature task tables, club chairs, and sofas – in turn making the campus a working showroom for great design.

Shifting Priorities

Traditional layouts are also being re-envisioned as part of this hospitality inspired approach, to motivate people to leave their homes and collaborate with others. Office lobbies are no longer transitional spaces; now, they are stylish lounges and workspaces reminiscent of urban social clubs. Building cafes are no longer cafeterias; now, they are elevated restaurant-style dining experiences. Game rooms and gyms are no longer passive amenities; now, they are community building activation centers. And outdoor spaces, once parking lots, are now transformed into outdoor parks, dining areas, workspaces and connectivity trails.