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Fieldhouse, new luxury athletic & social club, coming to Park in Berkeley Heights

Fieldhouse, new luxury athletic & social club, coming to Park in Berkeley Heights

Fieldhouse, new luxury athletic & social club, coming to Park in Berkeley Heights

The Connell Co. on Thursday said it will open the second location of its popular Fieldhouse fitness concept at the Park — a 185-acre “work resort” campus that brings a hospitality-centric solution to the traditional shopping, dining and work environments in Berkeley Heights.

Set to redefine the fitness and wellness experience, Fieldhouse’s grand opening is slated for March.

“The overwhelming success of the Park’s first Fieldhouse location inspired us to dream bigger with the new Fieldhouse location,” Shane Connell, executive vice president at the Connell Co., said. “This second concept isn’t just an amenity for the Park’s tenants — it’s a larger, more comprehensive fitness and wellness destination designed to also benefit the surrounding communities and townships. Fieldhouse transcends the traditional gym experience to establish a hub for both physical and mental wellbeing. At the Park, we’re committed to crafting spaces that elevate the ordinary, where individuals can embark on a holistic journey toward a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.”

The Park integrates dynamic on-campus amenities to create a “work resort” for its professionals and local residents. At the cornerstone of this approach is Fieldhouse, a 25,000-square-foot athletic and social club that sets a new standard for luxury fitness experiences. From cutting-edge training equipment to expertly curated programming that includes Pilates, yoga, boxing and more, every detail is designed to inspire and elevate its members’ fitness routines. The gym’s atmosphere encourages a sense of community, making wellness both an enjoyable and social pursuit.

Members will have access to a game room, a dedicated meditation room to promote wellbeing, nap and recovery rooms to embrace the power of rest, a coworking space to maximize productivity before or after a workout, in-house nutritionists to guide personalized wellness journeys, a health bar for plant-based protein smoothies and prepared meals, personal training and a rich array of social programming.

The multigenerational Connell Co. has positioned the Park to help the campus’s business community attract top-tier talent, with services and amenities unavailable anywhere else in the Northeast.

The campus is already a popular regional destination that includes the offices of marquee companies such as L’Oreal, Fiserv, Bristol Myers Squibb, HP and Samsung, as well as a 176-room Embassy Suites hotel, Grain & Cane Restaurant, Starbucks, Life Time Fitness, outdoor walking and jogging trails and Round Table Studios — a 40,000-square-foot coworking space that offers a curated selection of thoughtfully designed workstations, private offices and community spaces.

The Park aims to create a holistic experience that facilitates a culture of work-life balance. By providing dynamic on-campus amenities, including Fieldhouse, in-house nutritionists and an array of social programming, the Park consistently elevates the traditional workplace environment.